Crimson Sky

He answered and said unto them, when it is evening,
ye say, it will be fair weather: for the sky is red.
Matthew 16:2 KJV

In late summer afternoon, the sky’s painted red
As roaring thunder could be heard faraway west
And the rays of the sun– on raindrops refracted
It’s a picturesque sunset that we have been bless’d
Usual harbinger of a pleasant tomorrow
A warm radiant sunrise our tender hopes caress’d
Vermillion, tangerine, golden and indigo -
Wondrous as fractured sunlight colorized heaven
Marvelous spectacle for the earthlings below!
Above, a golden sparrow looks for a haven
When swifter than an arrow, a red hawk flew by
And snatched the little bird; audacious and brazen
Thus while a surreal beauty the vibrant sky
Under the dome, it’s survival of the fittest
Beauty and beast; duality in the mind’s eye
Today’s crimson sky foretells our hopes unexpress’d
That tomorrow will bring calm idyllic weather
But no guarantee the world’s ills will be address’d
Nature’s grandeur, its peril, exist together
One to forestall, the other to appreciate
Accept it we must for we can part with neither
Thus lie life’s mysteries: yin and yang, love and hate
May the crimson sky give us time to celebrate!
© Vic Evora


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