Winged Steed

Just for Laughs
A winding ribbon of red stars
Snaked out far into the night
As I sat quietly in the cockpit
Hoping my ship will soon take flight.
Behind me, light from a thousand suns
Illumine the sky, white and bright
I waited an eternity (an hour in earth time)
Listening to radio transmissions for info
Intermittently, pairs of comets from ahead
Flash by as I look out the window;
Wondering where they’re going
Wondering if that’s the direction I should go!
Soon the red stars started to zoom away
In minutes they’re all in warp speed
I revved my engines, hightailed it
Off to my home planet, like a winged steed!
My spousal unit awaits patiently
With libations and everything I need!
© Vic A Evora

Reflections while stuck in a monster traffic jam, on the way home, one sultry summer night!

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