Overwhelming! True, life can be at times
Hundred things to juggle and attend to
Focus on important ones, one must do
And learn to separate nickels from dimes!
Isolate sweet oranges from sour limes
And crystal orbs from the rubber balls too;
Keep breakables up in air close to you
Let the rubber ones bounce away betimes!
Life is complex but we can’t simplify
By taking care of what our heart desires
For we’re not the only stars in the sky
And that’s not what our salvation requires
Juggle we must, so none should go awry
But make sure our souls, far from hellish fires
©  Vic A Evora   07-09-2018

I was impressed to write this poem because of a story I read about a juggler who kept only glass balls up in the air, and let rubber balls bounce away. Basically, only worry about what really matters, and let the chaff be carried by the breeze.


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Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

I haven’t read C Krauthammer’s “Things That Matter”. Must be a jewel.

And this is a jewel of a poem. Loved it. Thanks a Brod.

about 3 years

@Nelson: Thanks Brod fir the great compliment.

Barb Clarke
about 3 years

Good lessons in this poem. Focus on what's important, let the rest go! Very good Vic!

about 3 years

@Barb: Thank you for liking Barb. I’m glad you think so. As long as what we consider important does nit lead us astray.

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