One of those typical Sundays with nothing to do
Woke up late and showered but then boredom grew
The sky is dark and leaden, rain is threatening
A day to fly away and let the spirit go soaring
Morpheus called and he enters into a dreamscape
Make-believe is his childhood refuge and escape
Magic kingdoms where the hero trumps the villain
Where the maiden is rescued; the dragon is slain
In dreamland, love is constant, loyalty prevails
Where good wipes out evil and there are no jails
Friendships are real and treachery knows no ally
There’s justice for all and evildoers have no alibi
Where there is no agony nor sickness nor despair
Misery, heartbreak and sorrow are outlawed there
And where righteousness is eternally triumphant
But all points of view they’re equally important
Where sun rays warm the skin yet it doesn’t burn
No thunderstorms, only showers in an April morn
Where the breeze from the sea cools a summer day
And the hearth warms a winter night in every way
Today is spring green, tomorrow is autumn yellow
And pleasant summer eves in the winter afterglow
Birds sing and frogs in a full-throated symphony
All sounds of nature blended in perfect harmony
But he must leave paradise and awaken to reality
This surreal dominion he would rather forever be
For he fears the demons he must face constantly
When he navigates through his own life listlessly
And reluctantly he emerges from a pleasant dream
In a dark room with four walls that look so grim
So he prays for another Sunday with nothing to do
Perchance kiss the princess in the winter afterglow
© Vic A Evora ...


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J Ann Crowder
almost 4 years


almost 4 years

Thank you

almost 6 years


Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 6 years

Perfect place to be. But I think the one he has yet to dream is a better paradise! Hahaha.
Very nice poem.

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