A Halloween Tale...
Back from a late night hopping bars
Where, with friends, he had few too many
The last few months, his life’s been empty
Alone in a room, where he rather not be
But now, he sensed a presence in the room
A maleficent spirit, hostile and grim;
The warmth from the fireplace dissipated
As a sinister chill enshrouded him…
  Then he heard!
    Her voice…
    Though his mind says
    It’s just noise!
    But in the flames
    In the fireplace;
    Her beautiful face!!
Dread gripped him! Though he misses her
But she’s under the ground, there to remain
Till end of times, when he hopes to spend
Eternity with her, never to part again!
In the flames, it can’t be her he sees!
His fragile mind is playing a trick
Or the alcohol, or the evil one has come
To watch him renounce his faith so quick
  He heard her!
    Again, beckoning
    Her flowing hair
    Like flames dancing
    Her eyes
    Sad and sorrowful
    Like daggers piercing
    His unhappy soul…
He sat on a Queen Anne, closed his eyes
But her voice still ringing in his ears
His heart’s racing, and aching for her
His one true love, all of these years
His rational mind knows it’s not her!
And refuses to give in to his desire
To hold her tight and whisper
He loves her; to quench a raging fire!
  Begone! Beelzebub!
    He screamed quietly
    Into the night,
    Wishing to be alone
    In his grief…
    So that finally
    He may find relief!
Suddenly, a strong wind came from nowhere
Blew the window open, the curtains it tore
A powerful gust extinguished the flames
And scattered embers on the floor…
The room went dark, save for the moonbeams
A baleful aura in the air; hostile and grim
But lo! There she stood in radiant beauty
As dread and love waged war within him…
  And she touched
    Both his cheeks
    Her hands were icy
    With bluish streaks…
    Then darkness!!!
    Befell him
    He didn’t even hear
    His silent scream!!!
The cops came a few days later
For he missed work for over a week
They found him in the Queen Anne chair
Holding her photograph to his cheek
Door was locked but the window open
And ashes scattered on the floor
It was an apparent heart attack
Foul play was ruled out heretofore.
But for anyone with heart and soul
Behind the deed, the Foulest of them all!
© Vic A Evora...


A bit long... But it was needed to tell the story. I hope it is worth reading!

Photo used from Levy Moroshan Photography (Aimee J'adore). No copyright infringement intended.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Beware the exquisite beauty of apparitions! Exquisite agony can't be far behind as the cross currents of "dread and love" could be fatal! Nicely done, Brod. And an excellent read as the ides of October is upon us. Like.

over 4 years

Thank you Brod. I'd like to write another Halloween poem this year, but struggling with what story to tell. LOL

J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

You should definitely try writing short stories. I think you'd be good at it. You really know how to add suspense. This was very good!

about 5 years

LOL. You're the third person to tell me that. Yes, I have already started on a short story. My problem is I don't know how to do dialogue hahaha.

Thanks for liking.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Some people's stories just ramble on, but this one is fine. It held my interest

Imitating Art
over 5 years

I fell in love with this poem awesome job you're a very skilled and talented writer

about 5 years

Sorry late reply. Thanks so much!

over 5 years

Thank you. I was afraid I made it too long; but if I shorten it I'd lose the story.

over 5 years

Gracias amigo.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Really riveting! Very nice.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

That was sensational. It really held my interest all the way through. Well done.

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