The Good Wife

He woke up a little bit early
His demeanor was rather surly
  Raining cats and dogs
  And out came the frogs
He can’t face the world readily
Well, she came rather suddenly
She gave him a kiss so heartily
  And he was all smiles
  A twinkle in his eyes
She’s his girl, his ever lovely
He got up from bed unsteadily
Started to walk rather gingerly
  And she held his hand
  Just to help him stand
As she touched his hair lovingly
He walked to the table carefully
Sat on a chair a bit cautiously
  She prepared for him
  Cup of coffee and cream
And that he drank rather greedily
She helped him dress up presently
Mindful not to hurt him hopefully
  And she combed his hair
  Silently saying a prayer
For he has been in pain recently
They’ll see a doctor momentarily
See if he’s better diagnostically
  On illness he suffers
  What a new drug offers
So he can fight for life fiercely
He wants to be with her eternally
She’s at his side ever faithfully
  She has been his rock
  Always, round the clock
And he’ll be in her debt endlessly
© Vic A Evora


Written in the form of a limerick, although the sentiment is definitely not that of a limerick.

The poem is dedicated to the wife of a dear friend who passed away recently after a 5-year long battle with cancer

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