Every night he overruns her dreams,
   her long gone yet unforgotten love
Locking her in an embrace till
   her heart stops and she’s out of breath
Lost and exhausted she wakes up every morning,
   forever thinking of
Another nightmarish hour
   in that barren landscape of pain and death…
Echoes from those early years,
   memories of days and nights long ago
Levitates into her consciousness,
   even tho’ she had made up her mind
Leave the past behind, start life anew,
   and look forward to tomorrow
Abound with joy and good fortune;
   perhaps see the stars finally aligned
And lo, at life’s midnight hours hope appears
   in the form of one man
Gently he walks into her life;
   he gathers her up before she could run
Uplifting her spirits, inundating her with love,
   respect and affection
Iridescent embers of emotions long dormant
   now afire and in motion
Lyrical gladness engulfs her as the flood
   of new yet familiar feeling
Arouse the warmth in her heart,
   and she knows she is not dreaming
© Vic A Evora


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Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

Is this a dream? Sounds like this man brought real comfort to this woman in this midnight hour. Is this you comforting someone who was having a bad dream ?

about 5 years

Thanks Charlotte. It's actually based on a true story. Someone I know. She had a long-time affair that died. Then in her latter years she met a guy who brought her happiness finally.

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