This is in memory of a dear friend who's life was lost tragically but a bullet to the head, in which they still haven't found the person whom has committed this murder

We need to stand up, stop the violence,
where no one and nothing can quiet us.
We need to raise up, make a movement,
not even a tornado can tear through.
We Need to love each other,
not hurt and kill one another
Whoever’s shooting others is a coward,
You kill for no reason, Life’s are shattered.
If you ever thought it didn’t seem to matter,
Think about this woman, she was a mother.
Had two beautiful daughters,
And was a great hard worker.
She has people who love her dearly,
And you damaged this poor family.
Not to mention just Team Jenna ️️ but every one of God’s creations,
We need to stand tall and loud, where they feel us in all nations.
How many life’s will be lost to these city streets?
We need to stop the pain, the crime, the greed.
We need to save the 315,  
And Save every single Life,
For Killing someone - You shall have no pride,
We will not stop until there is Justice fully served,
And may we find you, may you get what you deserve.
But we will do it legally, let the Judge pound his gavel away
Because it’s better, legally, court of law, it’s better that way.
May each shooter, stabber, murderer never get to see the light of day.  
We need to stop filling the streets with blood,
We need to make this city be overfilled with Love,
Nothing will ever make any of this okay,
We need to take away the violence and pain,
And fill this earth and city with everlasting faith.
If you have a gun, don’t use it, don’t put it in your hand,
Put it away, Taking a life, is against God’s Commands,
For everyone out there reading,
I am begging you, i am pleading,
Please stop the violence,
I will never stop being persistent.
Starting tonight we will make a movement,
That Nothing and no One can tear through.
We will shout loud and clear STOP THE VIOLENCE!
AND we will continue, till we are heard, no one will quiet us...


Inspired By and Dedicated to : Jenna Sweeting-Vigliotti
And Every Other Innocent Life that has been taken from us from the violence. All Over The World, But Especially to the 315 !!


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