I've Never Felt Real Love

Would have been nice to have flowers
Maybe a necklace put around my neck
Sit at a table with candles glowing
2 glasses of wine in a dimly lit room
Loving words spoken so romantically
Eyes that would have undressed me
Hands that would caress my every curve
The wanting so overwhelming, but never there
Instead I received nothing but pain
Never a nice word to make me feel wanted
Not even a card to celebrate our love
What would it have taken to say “I Love You”
Perhaps I could have given little mentions
Little clues so he could pretend I mattered
Could have told myself I was his world
When in reality, I wasn’t even in his thoughts
It hurts so much that I was a mere tool
I never was anything but a maid
I did everything I knew to win his love
Yet as I look back, I was nothing
The hurt cuts so deep and the scars are many
I never hurt him as he did me
He had so many others that were given his love
I was like Cinderella, only my Prince never came.
I’ve never had a love that would consume me
One that would take my breath away
As I get older I wonder, as I die a little each day
Does a love like that really exist, or is it just a fantasy

40 years of a marriage that would never be what it should have been. What should have been good memories have only become images of pain filled with lies. Think before you give yourself to another. Make sure it's not a one way street, everyone deserves to be loved not tossed a side like a piece of garbage. Love should be a union,not only of two bodies but of respect and thoughtfulness of the other you are with.


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