Tomorrow Is But Another Day
Tomorrow is but another day
Except one year older I’ll be
Yep, it’s my birthday is what they say
Oh isn’t it wonderful for little old me
I wish I could say I didn’t feel older
But truth is I do and have for the last 5 years
Good thing is I’ve become bolder
Through all the hurt, suffering and tears
Wouldn’t it be nice if life wasn’t so full of fools
But rather people who treated others nice
There are so many that use us as tools
When they’ve used us all up we’re told that’s the price
Why did I have to age before my time
He’s the one that screwed up and ruined my life
Now when I should be in my prime
I’m left all alone, and it cuts like a knife
Thought at 64 I’d be touring the country side
Guess I should have known what was ahead
Didn’t know I was married to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
That’s ok because he’s one of the living dead.


Tomorrow I'm turning 64 yrs old. I feel if I wouldn't have been put through such turmoil I might feel a little younger. I know we all have our cross to bare. I guess being married to that idiot was mine. It's over so for that I'm so very happy. I will celebrate the 1st birthday with no weight hanging over my head. So I'm very thankful for that. Sandi

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