Don't Ever Say Never-Prayers Do Come True

As I sit here I have a beautiful smile on my face
My Grandchildren and Son are back in their place
Back as a family, my how the kids have grown
Now I’m so happy and I don’t feel all alone.
Thought it was going to be awkward and strange
But it feels just like before not much of a change
It’s just nice to know I can call them and chat
Also good to know what’s in the past is just that
I’m so overjoyed and filled with such immense love
I think I had some help from Heaven above
Just too know life is good and God is great
Has me Thanking him for a very worthwhile wait
I feel like I’m dreaming yet I know it’s real
No more nightmares just time for us to heal
Making new memories to touch our Hearts
Isn’t that what loving is about new starts
My life is full of positive feelings as of late
Those negative ones can go right out the gate
Don’t ever say never, as we just don’t know
One thing is for sure our love will continue to grow


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