To My Grandson-"I Miss You So"

You will never know how much I love you
You were my first grandchild, A sight to behold
I made you a promise on the day you were born
I said I would always love you and be there for you
You were such a wonderful little boy
There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
Every event be it Go-Karts or School
I don’t think I missed any of them
I just love you so much you will never know
A lot has happened in your life and in mine
We were so close and now we are not
I know you love your Mom and Dad
I just think you and your sister don’t understand
If only I could talk to you then you would hear the truth
That day I asked you, you don’t want to talk to me
Your answer was No and you brushed me off
You turned away from me like I never existed
I never thought you would do that to your Nani
As I drove home my Heart was aching so bad
I pulled into my garage and sat and just sobbed
I felt like a knife went through my heart
You know I would never hurt you, I was so very shocked
All I have ever done was show you Love
I feel my Heart will never mend
I hope when you are a grandparent
That you would do for your grandchild as I have done for you
Protect them when they need it even if you have to take a stand
All I ever wanted was the best for you
I miss you so very much and will love you until my end, Nani


*UPDATE: My Grandson is now back in my life again. His Dad brought him and my granddaughter to see me for Mother's Day. What a Beautiful present. I hugged and kissed them and sobbed because I was so happy. I am so full of life and I Thank everyone for their prayers. Please never stop praying. God Bless. Sandi

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