Thank You To My Mother

The Heart is where a mother and child are one
That bond is so strong not even death can part them
My Mother is mine forever and ever
Her Heart beats in my Heart because she gave me life.
My Mother is whole again so for that I’m glad
Some day I will once again be at her side
When I am alone I wish she was still here
Yet I know she’s in Heaven where she belongs.
But I miss her arms around me and that kiss on my cheek
I miss her beautiful face and her laughing eyes
When I cry I want her to tell me it will be alright
But instead it’s only me and my tears.
She gave me such strength but most of all she gave me love
In order to honor that love I must keep going on
I will not give up and I will be ok
Just once and awhile I feel like her little girl again.
That little girl cries out for her Mother yet the woman understands
I won’t be her little girl until my life is done
Then Mother and daughter will be together again
Thank You Mom for making me who I am, I think you’d be proud of me.


I had the best Mother in the whole world. She was beautiful inside and out. She was a very beautiful Lady. I lost her to cancer on 4/1/2003. I miss her but know one day I will be with her again. Until then I just want to say Thank You to her.


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