To Bad He Wasn't The Father You Should Have Had!

I’m so sorry he wasn’t who he should have been
Every young boy needs a male figure (Dad) to look up to
He never filled those shoes it was so plain to see
Instead of a hero he became your worst nightmare.
I will tell you it broke my heart and made me cry
It was always about him never about you or your brother
The more he could punish the better it made him feel
We all suffered but you my son, suffered the most.
You are so loved by me yet it seems so hated by him
What makes a person want to hurt so much, I just can’t comprehend
I tried to make up for what he did or didn’t do with you
Please my wonderful, loving son, you are a great man and never doubt yourself.
You are funny, witty, caring but most of all you are nothing like him
You have a beautiful heart, and a wonderful mind and you are so very kind
Someday when you become a Dad, you will give your child what he or she needs most
One day you will be your child’s Hero, Friend but most of all the Greatest Dad.
How do I know all of this? Because you are my Best Friend and my Hero
If ever I needed a Friend, you were always there for me
I can never be a father to you, I could only be the best Mom you could ever have
But that is because you made it so easy and always opened your Heart to me.
I am so glad I was able to show you how a parents love should be
He missed out on such a delightful human being
The love you show makes me proud that you are who you are
If there was ever a gift I treasure most in this world, its you My Dearest Son!


My ex never showed his sons love. Always yelled and punished. My son Jeff finally stood up to this tyrant, that's the day he became a man. He never let him hurt him again. Unfortunately I waited 40 years to gain my independence. I was treated like a child, he put fear into us. Well that fear is all gone. My other son still has a relationship with his Dad, but neither Jeff or myself will ever have to be around him again. Life could have been better but with that man never. I just hope my love was enough. Sorry you didn't have the Dad you needed so. I Love You, Mom.

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