You will never know how much I love you
You were my first grandchild, A sight to behold
I made you a promise on the day you were born
I said I would always love you and be there for you
You were such a wonderful little boy
There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
Every event be it Go-Karts or School
I don’t think I missed any of them
I just love you so much you will never know
A lot has happened in your life and in mine
We were so close and now we are not
I know you love your Mom and Dad
I just think you and your sister don’t understand
If only I could talk to you then you would hear the truth
That day I asked you, you don’t want to talk to me
Your answer was No and you brushed me off
You turned away from me like I never existed
I never thought you would do that to your Nani
As I drove home my Heart was aching so bad
I pulled into my garage and sat and just sobbed
I felt like a knife went through my heart
You know I would never hurt you, I was so very shocked
All I have ever done was show you Love
I feel my Heart will never mend
I hope when you are a grandparent
That you would do for your grandchild as I have done for you
Protect them when they need it even if you have to take a stand
All I ever wanted was the best for you
I miss you so very much and will love you until my end, Nani


*UPDATE: My Grandson is now back in my life again. His Dad brought him and my granddaughter to see me for Mother's Day. What a Beautiful present. I hugged and kissed them and sobbed because I was so happy. I am so full of life and I Thank everyone for their prayers. Please never stop praying. God Bless. Sandi

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
circa 7 anni

Yes it is. Thanks again.

Cory Garcia
circa 7 anni

... all the time :')
praise GOD... so beautiful

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
circa 7 anni

Thank You Cory. I got the surprise of my life, my son brought my grandchildren to see me for Mother's Day. They are all back in my life now. I hugged and kissed them and sobbed because I was so happy. In fact we are going out for dinner on Tuesday. Prayers are answered. I Thank You for your prayers. God is good! Amen. Sandi.

Cory Garcia
circa 7 anni

All people are irreplaceable... praying the drama ends and you get to enjoy your family again

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
circa 7 anni

Yes it's very sad. I do hope one day he will understand all I did was love him. If that time ever does come, I will show my grandson and granddaughter these poems and my diary of how much I've missed them but also how I will never give up on them. As long as there is a breath in me, I will pray that they will be at some time back in my life and I will never say never. God Bless, Sandi.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
circa 7 anni

Thank You Gordon. I keep praying things will change, that's all I can do. God Bless, Sandi

circa 7 anni

lovely piece Sandi, really speaks from the heart. well done, Gordon

Debra Romero
circa 7 anni

This is really sad Sandi and I can only imagine how terrible this must be for you. Maybe in time when they mature they will come around and things will be better. Don't give up! Through prayer as you know things can change..Hope and faith debs :)

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