The perfect representation of the universe.
It is beautiful.
It is energy.
Strong.           Powerful.         Dangerous.         Essential.
Without it there would be
It starts with a spark.
An unknown force igniting it’s presence.
Forcing it’s existence.
A birth.
Fire is not an element.
It is a creature.
It breaths.         It moves.         It consumes.
Every ember that eats away at it’s prey
Every flame that licks it’s dinner
It’s food for survival
Gives it energy.        Gives it life.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed.
It is repurposed.
Energy that is released from one body fuels another.
To preserve life.
A rebirth.
Though seen as a devastating force
One that takes life away
One that destroys everything it touches
It is actually life itself.
The more it eats.          The more it grows.
          The more it produces.
A Phoenix.
Energy literally rising from ash.
Becoming something even greater that it was.
Something completely different            completely new.
Repurposed.                                              A new purpose.
A new path.                                                A new life.
The death of one entity gives rise to another.
A birth.
Without it there is no growth.
It’s destructive tendencies
Pave the way for new life.                             Misunderstood.
It’s life creates life.
Without it there would be nothing.
No growth.                                    No knowledge.
A terrifying beauty.
Look                            but don’t touch.
You must keep your distance.
Allow it to caress your skin                    on it’s own terms.
Give it space.
Give it freedom.
And it will reward you with a comforting embrace.
Warmth.         Security.           Respect.           Understanding.
Appreciating it’s strength allows you to appreciate it’s necessity.
Energy.            Life.
It’s dangerous yet that’s what draws you in.
The risk of losing control by allowing it’s energy to overpower your boundaries.
That’s the appeal.
Excitement fueled by                    possibility and uncertainty.
You are vulnerable                                     yet curious.
The unknown ignites something within us.
A force that transforms           fear                      into intrigue.
We are forever enchanted by our imagination.
   By life.                     By death.
                  Existence.                   Purpose.

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