I revisit old habits and old mentalities.
I bite my lip. Nothing happens.
Blood gushes from my mouth.
Smoke dissipates into the air.
Thoughts leave as fast as they come.
Liquid dissolves into my bloodstream.
Everything fades into oblivion.
Existence.                       Faded.                     Gone.
What is smoke to another?
Just a passing occurence.
A song played until its over.
And then what?
You can replay it over and over
but it always remains the same,               and then its over.
Like a thought. You can pass it from one to another.
But it will always remain as a hypothetical idea.
Never real.                                 Never tangible.                  
Forgotten.                  Faded.                 Dissipated.
A sensation.
Felt but never real.
A memory.
Always changing with each new day.
Never the same.        Lost.
I drink.        I inhale.        I touch.       I think.
So what?
It’s gone forever.
Never to be touched again by another.
At least not in the same way,
Does it really matter anyway?
Nothing can save me now. Not even an idea.
A spark of hope.
I know it’s just like smoke and will dissipate into the air.
It will join my soul.
I hope they will meet someday.
Maybe they’ll be friends.

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