Blast from the Past
The Universe is upside down
Everything is backwards
Welcome to Reality
Outlasting my arch enemy
He is defeated
Or is He?
The question remains
Steady in my head
Nothing is real
Reality is absurd
Or is this just a reaction?
A defense mechanism?
No, this is Reality
The Universe is wrong
Everything is wrong
The Universe is backwards
What is Real?
Everything is still
The Music is dancing
The Present replays in my
Everything is still
My Mind is racing
Where am I?
The Past is very real
Everything is coming back to me
My Mind is racing
Your back.
But as a new You
My Mind is racing
Your on my couch
Past asleep
I remember a Time
That Time
Every Time
My Mind is racing
My eyes are wet
I hate You                                                    I love You
Every bit of me is consumed
in your                                                        memories.
Get out.                                                        I hate You
Every bit of You.                                      ...but
Not as much as Him.
I guess I got over You                            ....maybe not.
I miss him                                                  I hate Him
Every bit of Him                                      I hate You
Every bit of You
Both of You                                               Get out.
But I love You                                          ...both
It’s quite sad                                            actually
The Past                                                  THE PAST
Again.                                                     Back.                                           Again.

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