Low tide
But I guess it’s fitting
Wasting gas
Poisoning the air just as I poison my lungs
What a familiar place
Maybe not the one you’re thinking of
Everything is dead
But the water is still cooling
It reminds me of summer
A car is parked near me
I wonder if the person inside is as troubled as I am
Scribbling down nonsense
On any scraps of paper he can find
Memories of another time bubble up in my head
I haven’t seen you in years
I’ve missed you
Have you missed me too?
I have goosebumps
A chill moves up my spine
We used to spend so much time together
How could I have left you?
You’re so beautiful
Dead air passes through my nostrils
There’s something different about you
Or is it me?
A seagull throws a shell on the ground
A morsel it has found
Scraps of life eaten away
The sun warms my face
I guess it makes me feel better
Yet I’m reminded of why I’m here in the first place
A seagull shits on my windshield
What perfect timing
I take a breath
Relaxation makes my shoulders tense up
I sit in my car
Unable to go out and touch you
You’re right there
Waiting for me
Inviting me to sit and talk
I’m frozen
The thought of facing you makes me cringe
I guess I’ll just never get over you.

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