I wanna put a pen to paper...
But I’m unsure if I wanna write your eulogy or you a letter.
Cause as much as I can state the obvious I can’t get over this.
So dearest nanny,
I’m writing to say.
I missed you here,
Today you’d be 65.
And god how I wish you where alive.
I can’t explain the lose we feel,
This wound so open will not heal.
But all that’s making us live on,
Is knowing that you would want us to be strong.
Your pain now gone.
Your home and free,
Up there with Ann paul great grandad and my two great nanny’s.
Your up in heaven watching down.
Our queen who needed not to wear a crown.
I’m sorry nan,
That I can’t say more then simply put you are the women we all adore.
I know you have to go now,
And this is so hard  cruel and unfair.
Nanny I really just wish I could make you come back here.
But nan I’ll be strong like all us have to be,
Cause nan I know you’re there watching me.
So nanny we miss you,
I wish I could just hug squeeze and kiss you.
Forever yours everyone of us
Your family and best friends sending all over love.

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