If i was to cry,
i’d be classed as week.
If i stand up and fight,
you hate me.
What do i have to do?
Should i even have to ask?
Love like this, this pain i feel it cant exist.
Do You know you’re driving me insane away from you, i need to get away!
But deep down inside this hallowed shell,
deep inside this twisted smile. Its hell!
I’m dying from the inside out. And you’ll just lie to me now.
The pain in my head wont go away.
Is it cause i’m sick, is that why you stay!
And i won’t ask you to be by my side cause in the end i’d rather die...
Then fake love....and that’s what you’re playing at.
A game, does it make you laugh?
And can’t you just for once be a normal lad!
Can’t you for once stand up for me!
All them comments you make, i hope she sees!
Why claim you’ll hold my hand, when all that’s left inside,
is pain and betrayal... and i’m frightened but this is our “collide”
And to think i told you what happened... what i went through
and you go off following whore’s who... act like they love you.
I don’t even understand why you act like such a prick!
You make me fucking sick.
Man up, and walk out. Don’t smile when i shout!
And i will be the winner, i am a survivor oh.
Man up ship out, get your stuff i’m done now.
And i wont be pushed down.
No i wont be used now.
I’ve had enough of claiming you love me, i’v had enough of lies about our make up home that i will never see!
You wont take me prisoner no, you wont move me far way from them!
Stand up, be a man, be the man i thought you could be.
Say it to my face look in these grey eyes.
See the lack of soul you thought was inside.
Stand up and push back i’m not done not yet!
Just tell me to my face, i’m sick and tired of this you’re a disgrace.
Come up, come here.... tell me the truth dear
Just stop! You’re killing me! And this hurt is worse then any pain i feel.
Stand up, we can’t work it out.... Your not the man i knew before now.
And i don’t want you as my prisoner, i’d rather be free from pain id rather you let me feel sane.
Just let me go... let me walk, leave me alone. Why can’t you just talk...
And no i’m a survivor all your lies hurt me when i seen it in front of my eyes,
and i’m leaving despite yours lies.
And i’ll man up... somehow
But when you leave.... that’s my life now.


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