(poet of Ireland) Seamus Heaney's Death.

This morning I woke as normal,
The tv on down stairs.
The news that they were reading,
I could barely hear.
But i heard that Seamus Heaney,
An irish peot of such class,
Had left this earth today.
His death came at 74 at last.
So from a budding poet to one past.
Your works shaped my early start.
And I pay homage to the lose,
Of that of a poetic cost.
But forever on our lips and minds,
stay the  rhyming lines.
And sadly while you where sickening,
We read your poems of blackberry picking.
You where but one of the poets we learned of in school,
Making me quickly see, a poet is no fool.
So lay your treasures of poems, in books for all to read.
And while your dead dear sir, i’ll read on in stead of grieve.


I woke up today and heard the Mr. Seamus Heaney an irish peot had died today at the age of 74, I'd read a good amount of his poems from school and my favourite of his "blackberry-picking" which honestly reminded me of my youth when i would go camping and be sent off blackberry picking for my nanny to make jam. I loved the nostalgia of how older generations of Irish children would remember picking blackberries and i thought i shared a moment with youths past. That was until it mentioned how after all the work there blackberries would rot. It was kind of like no matter how hard you worked you where domed to fail. Either way he was one of the poets that made me continue to write (i started when i was just 11... which is 12 years ago at this point)

Poet, Seamus Heaney, Death

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Alexis Faye
almost 8 years

Thanks Cory, he was an excellent poet. His work was extremely vivid and has so much nostalgia of Ireland in them.

Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

A worthy homage to the Irish Poet! Nicely done!


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