Ray, its ok.

Soon you’ll be gone again,
away again.
My lover and friend,
and while you leave me at a shadowed place.
To find your own world,
I know you wont wonder astray.
And I love you like a thousand suns burning all at once.
Anyone who dares question our love,
can fuck right off!
Cause im over the whispers,
i’m over the facts.
I’m the only one who truly knows you.
.....and i love you just like that!
And god sometimes i hate you,
I just wanna grab and shake you.
...but when i’m in your arms...
i wont feel harm.
Cause im surrounded,
By the love that books spoke of!
i’m not letting go again,
sick and tired of hiding holding your hand.
Cause I know what you did and done,
but they dont understand your like the sun.
Only seeing the surface,
they dont dare dip below it.
Your My angel they just dont know it...
like I know
darling you wont let go.
You might speak and say we are no good for each other,
its the truth we clash but its hard this love we’re under.
Its a spell,
we both fell.
And i will bend as far as I can go,
we wont break apart just so you know....
I’ll be yours forever, my anakin.
With you by my side grey will win,
cause deep down we are all a little dark and light.
Together back to back we will fight,
whisper i love you each night.
People can talk,
i cant hear what they say....
frankly i dont care,
people always talk anyway......

I'v loved you more then i'v lost you ray but losing you hurts more then loving you could ever do. I adore you and i'm done caring about whispers people will say. I love you is said to me every night, and when you have your arms around me i can give up fighting.

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