Those wings,
You think you have.
Holding strong,
Holding your pain,
But they are gone.
And that smile,
Your cheeky smile...
Is wrong.
It hid the fakeness of you pulling me along.
And I’m getting over you,
But never under another.
And  getting over you,
I’ll never have another lover.
But I’m getting over you!
And you should move on too...
Cause I don’t wanna see you.
Don’t need ta know you anymore.
I’m like your wings you claim to have,
I once took the weight and saved you.
But now I’m gone...
cause I was the prize god gave you.
Yet you picked dark,
So you won’t see.
The light you could of gone back to,
If you’d of just picked me.
My angel you are now as mortal as can be,
I’m no angelic creature but I’m not the devil you claim of me.

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