The police just came by,
to see how my face was healing,
they questioned how i was feeling,
in regards to your behaviour.
Tell me how assaulting two other before me (was it leanne and amy?)
tell me we’re the same cause it seems i was treated just like them.....
You what?
Where up for sexual assault?
After you know damn well i was rapped.
Was it the story you told me or was that one made.
Tell me how kicking me to the face was me getting off lightly
tell me we’re lost lovers again, Was i just one of them!
I hope you know,
how sick i  feel,
but im letting go,
stamping this the end in a marked seal.
Tell me how you never loved me at all,
tell me we’re never ever seeing each other through a call.
Tell me we’re no friends,
just tell me nothing at all.
Cause i’m still damaged from this fall.

Just found out by the police that the love of my life typically had attacked other people, i'm not heart broken im torn up. I feel numb from the amount of pain i feel and its mental cause i really didnt think he was at all all this. I knew he was charged with assault but was dropped cause a girl made it up bu the garda said it was two so was one of them fake?? I dunno what to believe but i know i'll hear nothing from him about it. And its best of i dont cause i cant hear his voice or see him.

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