You made me right
put all those broken sharp edges back together
maybe it was the warm of this weather
maybe it was the drink you drank
but you kicked me fulling into the side of the head
of it wasnt for my brother would i be dead?
and you made those promises and vowed to me
but im left alone cant you see
you wont ever be right
no i wont be this mans wife
cause if he loved me like he said
i’d not be thinking i need to go to a hopsital bed
don’t get me wrong you where all i ever needed
dont do this making me feel defeated
i looked up to find love
and now im so down
Dont you try to come round!
you scared me Ray
my brother made you pay
hearing the jeering from where he laid
he ran down the stirs and got you to the floor
where i pinned you
our relationship is no more
i give up this fight
youll never make me right
i give up tonight
no man is worth this hellish life.


MY now ex drunkingly decided to kick me to the face after a night out. My brother was home so thankfully he only got the one blow in but it wasnt the physical damage thats now driving me mad its the fact i finally let my total gaurd down for him to walk all over my heart i though he healed

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