In the moonlight,
you glow red.
Your yellow eyes are shiney,
and i share at them no end.
You’ll always be the man, who picks me up.
That’s just my luck!
And you’ve been gone for so long, and I miss you more and more.
You leave me smiling with a grin that leaves me sore.
And no matter how much I push you back, you still raise up to hunt.
I know “us” will never be done!
But i’m not the vixen you think I am.
You couldn’t love me you don’t understand.
I’m not the dream girl you made me up to be...
I’m just a past pleasant Irish memory.
You are the hero I never really had.
A fox protecting “his” vixen... that i understand.
But this vixen as you call me has danced with wolves before...
And right now he is the one I adore.
And I don’t know what will happen in years, or months to come.
But if your asking me to pick, i’ll just run.
I’v hunted alone, long before....
You claimed you’d show up at my door. I won’t tell you to leave me be,
But this vixen, isn’t picking a mate or den yet you see.
I won’t tell you i’ll leave a man I love when I won’t.
This you already know.
So why like me?
I’m just a girl you see??
My long Red hair isn’t a reason to want us to be.
I know your are my fox, and I am that vixen, Is there a part i’m maybe missing?
But that doesn’t give you a claim to state me,
Let alone date me...
And god if I knew,
why men like you two..
Crave my touch i’d be shocked.
I’v no idea so I leave it down to lust.
I’m really short 5'6 and that’s a fact,
actually i’m less curvy and more fat.
Why want me....
I just don’t see......
Why do men have a reason to fight over me.


Oddly for a short chubby Irish girl i have always had a line of dates and men who asked me out Its beyond me why. In this case a lad i know is coming home soon and hes stated that he can't stop thinking about me meaning I have already fights with the bf and now him to worry about. Life will fix this but i still find it hard understanding why men really like to tear me apart.


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Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Haha i think i relate more to a fox cause its shy, in ireland they have no fear and even vixens with cubs walk around the streets! They are fierce but so tiny and small compaired to dogs. I work with animals =P So relate to them extremely well, most of the time they are better then people.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

I find the wolf to be fiercely loyal and free... make no mistake I am man incarnate ;) but I have known many wolves and they are my kin and I have been know to run with them from time to time...Dogs are fun and I have owned many some fierce some soft but for passion... none comes close to the wolf ;)the fox is an enigma to me...

Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Always have and will be, a wolf needs a pack a fox is fine on its own =P Like i tell my friends "never be a sheep they are followers, or the wolf hunting them ad they just want an easy meal that one day they will be shot for. Be the dog herding the sheep and keeping out the wolves, it knows who follows and who prowls"

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Wow guess I was closer to the whole wolf fox thing than I thought... Be the hunter not the hunted ;)


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