Can’t stop this crying bullshit...
Feels like hell is taken over this.
So hot in here I can’t seem to breath,
Guess you never really needed me.
So this is what a broken heart feels like?
So much worse then I even thought right!
And I just wanna claw off my skin,
Cause I was stupid to ever let you in.
Guess I’m the stupid bitch you claimed of me!
So blinded by love that I couldn’t see?
That no matter what a guy like you never picked me.
Don’t ya see?
Your so fucked up?
Cause you where stuck with me.
I didn’t clear my eyes
Didn’t wake up and leave.
I pushed and pried as you did damage back on me.
And you won’t admit or accept it.
But we hurt each other just as much,
And even at that the damage was minor not major.
But it didn’t help us, we should of seen the danger.
Now I’m left alone.
You darling have no home...
And I’ll die like this...
Missing your touch, your smell, your lips.
Missing your laugh, your speech, our kiss....
Knowing you where my kryptonite...
Knowing simply that you might not be alone tonight.
Hurts me to the core,
You left me cut raw.
I’m not claiming to be a victim!
Not saying I loved you more, Mon anime.
That I adored.
Just simply saying
Idk... I guess you closed the door... When you did another line.
I slammed it but its left a jar like its jammed forever stuck in time.
Left me in purgatory
Loving you is no love story.
But darling don’t you worry,
Death for us all will hurry.
And then the world will see
Love like ours is a sickening disease.
Go get over me,
I wish It was that easy.
Your an addict that doesn’t see how addictive you are to me.

My ex, is a drug addict who doesnt even know hes addicted to drugs. He used to tell me i was his drugs, and even called me his Viagra once (which i loved!) so i thought it would be fittting to talk about his choice of words in relation to us and his problems. Please note some parts of this are sarcastic showing how angry and upset I was about this relationship.

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