Can’t concentrate
Got clear bones on my mind
We’re never alone when Inamorata SwIm is around
It’s up to us 'cause reliability is hard to find
Fast kaleidoscope for my mouth while you powder your nose
I miss the hiss of a blue-flame tongue and glass– lung cloud
Clandestine cook like she wants me to be
Like father like son doesn’t make me proud
We found a new friend in an old destructive enemy
Can’t tell the difference between the sun or the moon
Got reacquianted  in a big fuckin’ hurry
Ice cube that glitters melting through my grip not a downward spiral just a recreational slip
Never lasting as long as before
Chemical concubine in our late night sex
a welcome third party until we’re both sore
Dancing-dark-asphalt– creature call for me when I’m through
Go back from were you came until liquid is no longer blue
Go back from where you came until we’re to high to recognize our shame
Dancing in a past I thought we cured,
this time there’s no cult guilt
My compulsion studies every TEK word
Trial and error is the brick and mortar of which our habit is built
I’m swimmin’ like bronze floats
Shedding defects in a brown swirl
I’m swimmin’ like bronze floats
I’m reacting in violent emulsion
We’re swimmin’ like bronze floats
Like a mad chemist chokes
We’re swimmin’ like bronze floats
How long before the novelty erodes?
Flashing light overdose?
Late night shakes cured by fistfuls of NoDoze?
We’re swimmin’  Inamorata.
Written by: J.A. Lutz

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