I wish you hadn’t wrestled twelve gauge-dynamite-death stick in my mouth from my hands

You’d have made a beautiful powder burn-black dress-sobbing mess-bride
For our final dance

Even though without a head a car wash-pay pal-charity case-cremation-farewell
Won’t come cheap

But I’ve always known you’d have two girls-summer curls-flower dress-daughters
To carry me

Don’t let them grow to be
street queen-needle feind-sleazy scene-cover girls
Naked in magazines

Don’t forget to not remember me, or the years of hurt I caused since you were sixteen, the Sailor Moon-High School Rich-"if you like it or not"-abandoned angel– swimmer tan and lean not yet jaded by me, girl of my dreams

I could’ve been, should’ve been
A garbage bag, spatula clean-up, shower drain Autopsy!

I could’ve been, should’ve been
A bright flash, loud bang, “no surgeon needed”

I could’ve been, should’ve been
A rental van, empty church, coffee-can

Another anonymous fitting end to a story mistaken as a selfish man, “what a waste,”

It wouldn’t have taken long for you to find another to fill my pants, to give you a son, and our girls a brother, you’ll need to love a Bad boy-smart voice– tattooed –tender heart-loves to laugh-jackass
With a gentle touch and rough hands.

OH SHIT! That was supposed TO BE ME!

Fuckin’ C’est la Vie

~Written by: J.A. Lütz
Copyright: 9/1/2013

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james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

yeah...... Like this. I feel your frenzy when I read, and that is saying much bro. Cheers!

dre dreaming
almost 7 years

love, love, love.

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~Midnight Rose~ dre dreaming

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