I’m walking with my eyes closed today
And my chest open
Thought I’d feel the breeze through my rib cages,
Making sounds like wind chimes
Wanted to feel the warmth of the sky in it
I’m walking barefoot today,
With the skin of the soul missing
I wanted to feel one with the earth
Let the rocks pierce through each layer of tissue,
Bleeding onto earth’s face and combining the two
so that I may suffer with her
I wanted to feel glaciers fall and the atmosphere being torn
I’ll be walking backwards with my eyes closed today,
Hoping to stumble and shatter the crown of my head,
So that I may ponder the fears of Mount Everest
Thinking one day he may share my fate
I’m shaving my head today and burying my hair in the ground,
So that I may be as naked as nature,
So I may feel its shame when it gives everything
And everything is not enough
I’m walking with my eyes closed today
I’ll soak in the sun and be happy


earth, notes, feel, sympathy, empathy, mother, earth, mother earth, love, see, nature, natural

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Janaviya ♡
about 6 years

I appreciate that :)

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

I like were you went with this one. Very deep

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Cory Garcia

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