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She sits in the back
Wanting to be alone
But also yearning for those
That surround her
To give her the attention
That she wants more then anything
But as the people walk by her
Not wanting to get caught up in her games
She gets angry and starts to cry
Thinking thoughts that should not be there
‘Why does everyone hate me? Why am I so alone?’
But what she does not seem to see
Is that everyone cares for her
Everyone wants to help her
But the closer they get to her
The farther she pushes them away
After a while the people stop helping
But she is always in their prayers
They look at her to see if she is fine
They try to give her a helping hand
But all she does is hit it away
How can you help a person
Who needs and wants it but does not want it?
How can you help someone
Who’s mind is so fogged and blinded
That they can not see anyone that surrounds them?
This is a question we all have to ask
At least once in our life
And when we find the answer
We must share it with the world
But beware for there is darkness in the air
And it will try to cloud your mind too
And make it seem like no one wants to be with you
But do not let it take over your mind
For you are your own person
And no one can control you

If you have an idea of what I should title this I would love to hear it :) Thanks!
If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask

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