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Childs Choice

Come here my child.
Do not follow those who surround you
For you are your own person
You are you and no one else.
What is wrong?
Why do you sit there with tears running down your face?
Do others hurt you?
Are you in pain when you shouldn’t be?
Do not worry my student.
I will help you through this hard time that your going through.
Ew what are you wearing?
What is that junk?
You can’t be with us if you wear that!
Go away or change who you are!
This is the way the world is today
We have our parents
Who teach us what to do
Set out our foundation for us to follow
Our teachers try to help us
As we go through trails
Leading us a long the path
That they think is right for us
Once we learn all the rules
That our leaders have told us
We go out into the world following them
But the one thing we weren’t taught
Is how to deal with those who hate us
Society hurts, burns, and kills us
They tell us what is wrong and what is wrong according to them
They try to mold us into someone we’re not
And change us for worse
The choice is ours:
Stay the way we are and do what really is right
Or follow the others that try to change us

So my question for you is- Are you a leader or a follower?

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