Caricamento in corso...


The sun wakes me up,
As the treetops glisten.
You can hear the little birds,
If you carefully listen.
The bathroom is crowded,
No one is ready.
Everyone is rushing.
“Girls, it’s 7:30 already!”
On our breakfast table,
You’ll find Dosas and chopsticks.
That is how I start my day,
With a group of versatile chics.
I look at my schedule
And see 2 hours of Math.
For my tiny brain,
It’s like a bloodbath.
Then at 10 O’clock,
I’m in need of some caffeine.
Chat with my friends
And chill at ‘Flag Green’.
It’s time for Film,
Back to class.
“Just beg the teacher a little,
He’ll let us sit out on the grass!”
I wave at the others,
As they walk by.
Oh, how I love this place,
Except for the shitty Wi-Fi.
You know it’s lunch,
when there’s no place to sit.
In the dining hall,
We all squeeze and fit.
Next stop, the Gymkhana,
For chips and desserts.
You’ll find everyone here,
Even the little freshmen introverts.
When the bell rings,
You can hear loud sighs.
Tons of “See you later”s
And sweaty basketball guys.
Then for English,
I make my way to Arts Block.
“When will this class end?”
How slow is this clock?
Outside the French class,
You’ll hear chit-chatting.
The teacher already gave up,
She was supposed to teach us formatting.
Just like bulls
Running towards red,
At 4:30 you’ll find kids
In the café waiting to be fed.
Before you know it,
It’s time for dinner.
At 6 pm, will be declared
An Iced Tea drinking winner.
Then we goof around
Until it’s seven.
Everyone goes back to dorm
Later than the time that’s given.
I study for a bit,
Listen to music and talk.
It’s past bedtime,
When I hear a knock.
Giggles and tiptoes,
In the middle of the corridor.
We find our way to the bathroom
And lock the tiny door.
I can reassure you,
It’s nothing silly that we’re doing.
Just a bunch of teenagers,
We can be a little confusing.
I go to bed,
With a big fat smile.
Knowing that I’m gonna be here
For a long while.
But before I knew it
I was packing all my stuff.
Leaving this life behind,
Was definitely tough.
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