Caricamento in corso...


I look around
Everything is blue.
A new one found,
A place I’ve never been to.
Nothing can be heard,
But everything is seen.
I was definitely lured
towards everything marine.
I greet the fish
As they swim by.
Fulfilled my wish,
Before I die.
What is this life?
It’s greatly unexplored.
The kind of wildlife,
I totally adored.
It’s quiet down here,
Just me and the sea.
A few bubbles that I hear
And a few that I see.
It’s time to go up,
To the dark loud skies.
This place got me hooked up,
There are tears in my eyes.
But I’ll wait and I’ll wait,
‘till the next time I go down.
Where my heart can’t hate
And my face can’t frown.

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