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For Anjali
I will always love you.

She’s wild and she’s strong
beautiful and calm,
A precious of mine,
the world in her palm.
She’s fun and charming
with a wicked sense of humor
you’ll never understand
how much I adore her
My first roommate,
we met years ago.
Still feels like yesterday
when we shared the same door.
She’s been there with me,
from first kisses to heartbreaks.
But now she’s far away
Oh, how my heart aches!
We’ve had ups and downs.
We’ve hated, we’ve fought.
but in each other’s hearts,
we hold a permanent spot.
Years from now,
our kids will talk about us.
Share stories of their moms
about friendship and trust.
I miss all the times,
when we were together.
But that’s alright,
We’ve got a forever.
This best friend of mine,
she’s beautiful, she’s strong
Can’t wait to see her,
it’s been too long!
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