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Holi Hai!

Today is the day when I miss home the most,
The day Indians say “Bura na maano dost!”
The day starts off with a splash of color in the face,
Watch out! It’s gonna be a big, wild race.
I run after my father with hands full of color,
I spot my mother, she’s already multicolor!
When I turn around, my brother’s ready to attack,
Once white and shiny, his teeth are now jet black.
Today is when teenagers go savage on the streets.
This day is incomplete without some sick desi beats.
If you’re on a 2-wheeler, look out for water balloons,
You won’t know who did it, we all look like cartoons.
Pichakaari, gulaal, varnish and water guns,
Today is when fathers go crazier than their sons.
Dhol, baaja, sandal, and band,
Everyone is dancing with a glass of bhang in their hand.
Today is when friends and family get together,
It’s just a great frikkin’ day altogether!
The next day the bathrooms are all shades of pink,
Aren’t you devastated the day’s over in a blink?
Today is the day when I miss home the most,
They don’t know how to party like the Indians, here on the west coast!
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