She is torn between two worlds,
between two men
two dreams
two fairy tales,
both with differing endings and happiness.
One where she loves a man,
her dream man.
So devilishly handsome,
who rides around and partying.
A man who everyone thinks is bad for her,
he is someone who leads her on,
makes her believe they can be together
when everything tells her no.
He was her first and what she believes to be her truest love.
They were together for what was a poorer time
The other a teenage guy, who loves her
but she only loves the idea of him.
Here she has someone who will do anything for her.
Someone who will fight the dragon and kill the beast,
all to wake her from a dream.
He is someone who she can have a future with.
He is a guy who wants to spend every waking moment together.
They are rocky but somehow it is working.
She finds herself liking her dream better then reality,
And her dream is ruining her,
as it all comes crumbling down.


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