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A Heart Can Hear


A cloudy day brings thoughts turned gray,
In a forest devoid of sound,
While the massaging of a gentle rain,
Becomes the only touch we’ve found,
Can this water wash away the pain,
Can it cleans this tortured heart,
Does it sift through all the broken dreams,
And hating that were apart.
The rain becomes a steady flow,
The ground soggy under our feet,
A breeze holds out a whispered voice,
With an echo that still repeats,
Words once whispered in the past,
In the breeze are alive and well,
And each step seems to say out loud,
In the mirror we see our hell.
Though rain is falling and the trail wet,
And there’s a slight chill in the air,
The voice that lives inside the breeze,
Is one just the heart can hear,
Through golden leaves the trail winds,
And at tomes leaves fall to the ground,
The words are heard very clear,
Yet there is no real sound.
At times somehow I feel your pain,
And Im sure you feel my own,
Though alone with other’s near,
In darkness love has grown,
As rain massages every step,
What’s important soon is clear,
The heart must listen to that whispered voice,
That only it can hear.
The rain it seems washes away,
The thoughts of gloomy weather,
As a heart believes with all it’s might,
Though apart we’re still together,
It’s kwpt alive inside the heart,
And it’s taken half the soul,
Half is better than none at all,
It leaves a much more smaller hole.
As trees shake their golden leaves,
And the rain keeps falling down,
Dreams still live inside the heart,
Though at times they’re kicked around,
All I need to keep inside,
Are thw things the heart holds near,
As that whispered voice inside the breeze,
Is the voice of love the heart can hear!

November 6th,2016

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