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Follow The Light

To Marcy Howard

The sun shines down on all of us,
And its a singular source of light,
But as the moon caresses the dark,
It creates the shadows in the night,
External sources we all can see,
Yet light also lives in emotion,
It can emanate from a person,
Or can be the aura of loves devotion.
For years I thought of just myself,
And it took a woman to show me more,
And at a time when I lost faith,
It was your light that was in store,
In my hour of darkness,
You saved me from my pasts hell,
Yet now that you’re not around,
Is there a way to break this spell.
It seems the darkness reaches out,
Through the lives of family and friends,
But even in the spiral down,
Your light my heart defends,
And as I look up from this darkness,
You’re the stars I see at night,
And with what we found together,
I can only hold on to your light.
         Forever, it lives!



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