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Rose Colored Reason


You know it’s kind of funny,
How seeing one I think of another,
Thinking I’m now condemned forever,
Though I’ve tried there is no other,
Every time I see her face,
It’s a trip back into time,
Yet the only time I hold you close,
Is in my dreams where you’re still mine.
Im not obsessed with anyone,
Makes me think of better days,
I see another I miss so much,
In so very many ways,
The worst is on the cold dark nights,
When I roll over and Im alone,
And with that act of reaching,
Is what we feel left unknown.
Doesn’t mean the emotion’s gone,
Because silence has a voice,
Hearts hold on because they must,
And there is no other choice,
Thoughts of you only make me smile,
And I know they always will,
Another day that makes me see,
That each day I love you still.
I even tried to run away,
But it didn’t do any good,
Pain caused blindness for awhile,
Yet we always knew it could,
Every day I think of things,
And a face makes them more real,
Just makes me see a replay of,
The things that we still feel.
Never think the silence,
To be a sign that I don’t care,
My life would be a better place,
If for a moment your voice I’d hear,
At times I get to see you,
Any day is then made better,
Makes me wish I could send.
Just one of the thousands of letters.
I’ve never tried to bother you,
But it’s still you who owns this heart,
Nothing’s died because of time,
And it still griws though we’re apart,
I just hope you can understand,
That this is something real,
And all the whispered words before,
Are something we still feel.

November 4th,2016

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