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A Heart For Awhile

To Marcy Howard

The chain you wear around your neck,
Is made of all the hearts,
That you’ve taken from the owners,
As you ripped their souls apart,
An endless chain of heartbreak,
You pretend does not exist,
Lost in all the promises,
That each day you resist.
Add my heart to the total,
But you ignore the fact we’ve won,
As you took a broken man,
Wounding words used like a gun,
Even though there are lifelong scars,
What was found can not be killed,
While two hearts drown in pain,
A part of forevers thrill.
A woman showed me love was real,
But you showed me what it could be,
And if it makes you happy,
Use my soul to set yours free,
I gambled with my heart and soul,
Never thinking of the cost,
Though I still believe I won,
Even though so much was lost.
This heart is now in waiting,
Lost in this mountain of need,
And the love I found with you,
Is the only thing on which I feed,
So as you look in your mirror,
I hope you see a smile,
Use that smile to believe your happy,
Use your own heart for awhile.
  Love lives.



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