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As We’re Told


Through the years it seems we’re told,
How to feel and act a certain way,
And if not part of mainstream thought,
If you’re different you’re pushed away,
As time passes you adopt the thought,
That things will never change,
Even though our patterns of thought,
With trial and error seem kind of strange,
Some mistakes we continually pay for,
And by society a label’s applied,
And within the silent judgement,
Lives the freedom that we’re denied,
We each carry an invisible load,
And at times it’s to much to bear,
While all the silent whispers,
Become the only thing we hear.
A train of thought extends through time,
Causing hearts to beat much faster,
And when we stop to look around,
All we hear is laughter,
We’re pushed towards things conventional,
Yet told to follow our dreams,
So when we face reality,
If different the silence screams.
We purposely make others see and believe,
Aspects that really aren’t true,
Adding to the hearts insulation,
What do our walls let through,
If you feel a certain way,
To conform do you go along,
Failing somehow to understand,
That doing that is just wrong.
Some it’s said live outside the box,
With others only capable to live within,
Full of fear to hold love close,
Even unsure of where it begins,
If love doesn’t go the way you plan,
Do you nervously let it go,
Or do we hold it close to heart,
Knowing that it will grow.
Sure there are rules that we all must follow,
But to our emotions do they apply,
And when pressure’s applied by others,
Is it love that we deny,
Maybe somethings’s wrong with me,
Iv’e ignored being told to let go,
Because in the vastness of time and space,
I’ve found that love still grows.

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