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A Heart

to Marcy Howard

Inside, every one, of us, there is, a beating heart,
And though, it always, has it’s beat, it can be, ripped apart,
Affected, by insecurity, affected, by the past,
While, there is, no way, to know, about, the shadow’s, cast.
As it beats, a mortal tune, and hides, behind, mistakes,
Can, it still, remain alive, if all, it does, is break,
Or will, the walls, get higher still, lost, inside events,
As the memories, to which, you hold, your loneliness, prevent.
A heart, alone, without, it’s match, sometimes, withers and dies,
But, if emotion, lives inside, it emanates, from, your eyes,
You stirred things, we can’t explain, truth, supports this claim,
And no matter, what might occur, the love, will always, remain.
It seems, I no longer, own this heart, it’s, been given to you,
And that’s, something, that will not change, no matter, what we do,
If, you judge, who you, think I am, suppose, that you are wrong,
Because, I never said aloud, the words, to this, heart’s song.
As you know, this heart, still beats, but do you know, it beats, for you,
Give our hearts, just one, more chance, love, will show through,
For, inside, this beating heart, lives the love, you gave to me,
And I, will shout it, to the world, so everyone, can see.
                Our hearts, are one, Love lives.Forever!!!



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