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On a dark and dreary night,
As the clock strikes twelve o’clock,
A beast struggles with it’s chains,
But at midnight it’s unlocked,
Chained by memories through the day,
Each night it’s freed in dreams,
Freed only with eyes closed,
It’s key the voiceless screams.
The beast held captive through the day,
Far different than the one at night,
It’s lost inside the shadows,
And it struggles in the light,
There were times when tears freely came,
Now none fall at all,
The darkness a place of comfort,
It hides when the beast might fall.
In the daylight the beast may suffer,
But it’s pain no one can see,
Because the darkness is the only place,
That the beast is actually free,
Told how and what to feel,
In the light the truth is hid,
A teapot with it’s whistle blowing,
Until you open up the lid.
Unbidden at times the beast emerges,
It realizes that it’s now chained,
Held captive by the love it’s found,
That through the darkness has remained,
It can not change it’s form or shape,
It’s glad love lives and breathes,
And when it thinks of long dark hair,
It’s pain is then relieved.
Love is the thing that frees the beast,
And it has that deep inside,
Though in the daylight it isn’t seen,
In the darkness it’s not denied,
We exist throughout our lives,
In a search for love’s true mate,
Hoping that it’s something we find,
Before it becomes to late.
Inside of us each there is that beast,
That searches for love to be freed,
It all begins with things we find,
And it begins with love’s first seed,
The beast may be caged forever,
But for me you opened that door,
I can’t love you any less,
Because each day I love you more.

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