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My Lesson

To Marcy Howard

I looked for you when the world came down,
All I saw was you running away,
All the things we gave to each,
Were gone in just one day,
When I fell I looked to you,
But what I found was empty space,
And though I know you had to fly,
Its your lips that I still taste.
Though at times I feel alone,
With nothing left it still is you,
And even if it sounds insane,
There’s nothing more to do,
My laughter’s held inside your smile,
This body is no longer mine,
The heart inside doesn’t beat for me,
It beats for one more time.
In your arms is life and love,
Without you I’ll remain alone,
Because no one else compares to you,
Real loves what I’ve been shown,
There’s a lesson you gave to me,
To accept and deal with pain,
And what we found together love,
In the future we’ll regain.
You’ve taught me not to lose my faith,
Though that’s what pain made me do,
And all of this makes me love you more,
And my life belongs to you,
Through all of this there are some scars,
But the scars heal with thoughts of you,
Remember each day I’m forever yours,
Not words but our hearts made it true.
     Only you.



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