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A Token

to Marcy Howard

I carry, things, around with me, some, locked, in my head,
As you try, to forget me, and I, remember, instead,
This monster, you created, yet you pretend, no one’s there,
What happened, to the words you said, whispered, in my ear.
In the past, you came to me, but now, I come to you,
Holding on, to the dream, that I know, you have too,
As you look, at the memories, stored, inside a box,
Thinking, that, you can hide them all, behind, some little lock.
And though, you think, it simple, that the past, can be put away,
I think, by now, you can see, it haunts us, every day,
You may think, my act, was mean, but it, wasn’t meant to be,
I just want, to make sure, you know, that it was me.
You see, I know, when you saw, it may, have brought a tear,
But as, I wander, through this life, your effort, proves you care,
Though, I’ve never, chased after you, and it’s something, I won’t do,
I will not, give up on love, I will not, give up on you.
Though, the little gift, was a thing, so hard, to find,
If nothing else, it made you think, it put me, on your mind,
No matter, what may occur, no matter, how you protest,
From time to time, I’ll do the same, a symbol, from my chest.
Walking away, is the easy path, but it’s littered, with our dreams,
As the broken, hearts, we leave, are more, than what they seem,
Since we created, something more, and love is bent, but never broken,
Maybe, you’ll accept, the man, held inside that token.
The monster, that I spoke of, is one, you know, you made,
Wrapped up, in emotion, as, a game, was never played,
I exist, I, am here, and I will not, be pushed away,
Because, these tokens, are both of ours, forever and a day.
                    Love lives.FOREVER!!!!



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