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Who,What,When and Where

To Marcy Howard

In these days of fame and power,
In the chase for a dollar bill,
Who do you hold on to,
For me, I hold you still,
What is it that you search for,
And when will happiness appear,
But if it ever comes around,
Who, what, when and where.
While some just want to be rock stars,
Others want money galore,
And if the rainbow’s finally touched,
Who just wants some more,
On the path to find these things,
For what person do you care,
And when you look into their eyes,
Who, what, when and where.
Fill up on more than money,
Learn along the way,
So you don’t experience,
The pain of loneliness  every day,
Holding on for what was found,
Might seem sad or bring a tear,
And I know you are my answer,
To who, what, when and where.
.          You, that’s who!



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