A Winter Garden

To Penny

Darkness comes at an earlier hour,
Frost coats the land around,
All the seasonal changes come,
As we walk on frozen ground,
We see the trees without their leaves,
As the flowers slumber deep,
Snow might cover all we see,
But not the dreams we keep.
The scenery changes across the land,
Gardens appear to be dead,
But the garden still can bloom,
If inlay in heart and head,
Dreams might flower in the mind,
And cold can never impose,
On the love in the heart,
Or those things the heart can grow.
Though the landscapes cold and bare,
Inside the garden grows,
And even though the snow may fall,
Still the garden shows,
Heart and mind provide the warmth,
And our dreams water the seed,
And anything can be possible,
If only we believe.
All the dreams that we posess,
And the emotions that we feel,
Might be hidden by swirling snow,
But in no way are they less real,
Emotions hidden somewhere inside,
Take us through the winter’s cold,
And flowers bloom every day,
If its love we hold!



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