Isn't It All

to Marcy Howard

Does happiness, elude you, as each day, passes by,
Is there truth, in memory, or is it, just a lie,
Will your eyes, ever open, to the dilemma, that you face,
And will you, ever realize, you’re actually, surrounded, by space.
Can you, look to yourself, for the answers, that you seek,
Or, will you listen, to those voices, as they speak,
If, you can’t help yourself, would you be able, to help me,
Or would you, turn your back, pretending, you don’t see.
Are your answers, ever visible, or just, smoke and dreams,
And are those, dreams realistic, even water, turns to steam, one thing, but suppose, you actually find,
That, you live, with your heart, but also, with your mind.
As your heart, beats a tune, that echos, throughout time,
The sentence, is imposed, for, a non-existent crime,
If, you’re so busy, chasing, that, which doesn’t exist,
How, do you know, what, you should resist.
Let, your heart, choose your path, not your mind or head,
Never, give up on us, carry on, instead,
There aren’t, many chances, and you, could possibly fall,
As happiness, is fleeting, but then, isn’t it all?



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